What's New with The Opening Word
SACCE Awards

​On June 14, 2018 the Suffolk Association for Continuing Community Education (SACCE) will recognize four of our students for their outstanding work in our program. The four students honored were Gladis Murray, Harshani Fernando, Teresa Nunez and Ivon Matius-Martinez. Two of our teachers will also be recognized for their exceptional work including Melissa Ramos and Sr Laura Helbig, OP. Our Executive director, Sr. Lenore Toscano, OP, will be recognized for her hard-work and dedication to the program. Congratulations to all those who will be recognized.  

New Citizens

We'd like to take a moment to recognize some of our students who have passed their citizenship test. This year we have had 9 new citizens throughout the three different sites. Featured in this picture is Sendi Canales, one of our newest citizens from the Wyandanch site. Congratulations to all of our new citizens, and good luck to those who will be taking the teast very son. Keep up the good work!!
Recognition Ceremony

Every year our students are celebrated at each of our three cites in a recognition ceremony. At the ceremony each student receives a certificate of completion for the program. They also perform a song that they have been practicing for a majority of the year. This is always a great opportunity to remind us of the diversity within our program. Congratulations ladies! For photos of the ceremonies, please visit our Facebook or the Photo Gallery tab.