A Sponsored Ministry of the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Amityville
Students registering and taking entrance test for Partners in Care, a local organization that trains those interested in becoming a Home Health Aide. The Opening Word students had a special opportunity to enroll in these classes.
Wyandanch Site Coordinator Sr. Judy Flanagan leads the students in an interpretive song in celebration of the Three Kings.
Students play a game of Simon Says with Huntington Station volunteer teacher David Cucchiara to enhance listening skills in a fun way.
Huntington Station students completed a research project on different animals, needing to look up their habitats, eating habits, how their offspring are raised, and many more topics.
Volunteers celebrated the Chinese New Year with students in Wyandanch by learning about different types of foods and practices associated with this special day.
Sr. Lucille gives a presentation on China.
Amityville celebrates Women's History Month in March by researching influential women.
Students learn how to dye eggs in conjunction with a lesson on different Easter traditions in different countries.
Now, students get the opportunity to dye their own Easter eggs!
It's Volunteer Appreciation Week (April 7-11)!
A student reads a letter to one of her volunteer teachers in Huntington Station.
Wyandanch students read an acrostic poem for the word "volunteers."
Amityville made the hallways a festive occasion for Volunteer Appreciation Week!
Huntington Station student Antonia was commissioned by Molloy College to create floral arrangements for their Voices of Women Academic Symposium on April 11.
Antonia addresses the audience, speaking about her experience as an immigrant woman and her opportunity to study floral design.
Amityville Site Coordinator Sr. Carolann Masone at the podium. Sr. Carolann will be leaving the Opening Word at the end of this school year after ministering to the school for 19 years.
Students celebrate and honor Sr. Carolann with song and dance!
A sneak preview of Wyandanch's routine for June's Recognition Ceremony.
In the Classroom
Courtsey of Gregory A Shemitz
The Opening Word Gallery
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25th Anniversary 2017
    Immigration Workshop 2017
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Amityville Christmas Party
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Thanks For Giving 2017
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