A Sponsored Ministry of the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Amityville
Did you know? ​

  More than 7,000 women have attended Opening Word!

  Each day more than 200 women attend classes across our three sites.

  This school year, 44% of the students who registered at Opening Word are early beginner / first level ESOL students.

  The application for naturalization (US Citizenship) costs $640 plus an additional $85 for fingerprints for a total cost of $725.

  The application to register for permanent residence costs $985 and an additional $85 for a total cost of $1070. 
Among Our Students

Our students hail from countries around the world: Turkey, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Peru, Poland, Korea, Pakistan, Taiwan, China, the Philippines and Ethiopia . 

The level of education among registering students range from the barely literate to those with advanced degrees. But even those with advanced education and irreplaceable experience, find themselves below the poverty level for the region.