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Harshani Fernando is a student at our Huntington Station site. This is her second year in the program. She is a very hard working and dedicated student who is always determined to learn something new. This year she will be honored as one of our SACCE recipients. One day Harshani would like to pursue a career in nursing. Congratulations Harshani!
​Dora Hernandez is a student at the Wyandanch site. She is in the highest level of the program where she is learning computer skills and job readiness. Recently she has been accepted into the Farmingdale LIEOC to take ESL classes at the college level. Dora is always eager to learn and works hard to find more opportunities to make life better for her and her family. We are so proud of you Dora. 
These incredible women are just a few of the many amazing Opening Word students.
Kerlin Sanchez is a student at our Amityville site. She came to the Opening Word at the beginning of 2017. Recently she began computer classes and only continues to improve. This is only the first time she's ever used a computer. When she's not at the Opening Word, she is working hard finding a job and taking care of her family. We are proud of your hard work Kerlin!