Opening Word Today  
Opening Doors Tomorrow

Ana Coba (featured on the right) was a student of the Opening Word Program last year during the Spring months. Upon completion of the program, she enlisted in the United States Army. She is expected to start basic training in November of 2018 in Oklahoma City. Congratulations Ana and thank you for your service to this country! 
​Teresa Nunez is a student at the Wyandanch site. She is in the highest level of the program where she is learning computer skills and job readiness. Recently she interviewed at the Farmingdale LIEOC to take ESL classes at the college level. Upon completion of this program she will start classes to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Congratulations Teresa. 
These incredible women are just a few of the many amazing Opening Word students.
Marcelle Siffert is a student at our Amityville site. This is her first year with the Opening Word. She came to the program with a Bachelor's Degree in biology and natural science and a Masters in Business Administration. She is now with Opening Word to improve her English to go to school for another masters in biology. We are happy to have you Marcelle!